Turning your passion into a lucrative side hustle is one promising approach to an active income. Take advice from Jim Wang, “Start with Active, Build up Passive”, we all have to start somewhere, some have more, others less, it’s the actions you take early in your life that matter the most. Win it early and jump onto opportunities that will bring in different streams of income. Account manager, loving partner and doting father of one, Othniel turned his love for fitness and wellness into a budding personal training business Zero Mass Fitness while still working his 9-5 as an account manager at 1-grid. 

Othniel has an unmatched work ethic that allows him to juggle all the roles that he needs to show up for in his personal and professional life. In a time where we always feel like we don’t have enough resources, time, nor motivation to start, budding entrepreneurs like him are admirable. We sat down with him and asked him a few questions from where the idea for his training business came from to what the future holds for him and his company. 

Give us with a brief overview of your side hustle 

I’m a personal trainer. From strength training to cardiovascular training, unique core work-outs and nutritional plans to accompany the best-prescribed exercise plan for my clients. My goal is to always provide a realistic and holistic framework to help my clients reach their fitness goals faster, safer and with accountability.

What made you start? 

Firstly, my love for resistance training and seeing the results of consistent and patient hard work come to fruition. Secondly, bodybuilding athletes, seeing people who are misinformed and misguided irked me.  I wanted people to be well educated and informed as to how to go about achieving their goals most safely and effectively possible. 

Lastly, starting a family and my desire to look for different income streams to tap into.

Where did you get the idea for your business?

I want to think the idea came from God, but I am just trying to appropriate it because it’s on my heart. However, what got me going, or instead, what gave me the confidence to step out and start this venture was the encouragement I received from my partner, colleagues, friends, and family who saw the potential in me, who inspired me to become a personal trainer.

What was your starting point? 

I started curating my social media and posting health and fitness-related workout videos. Social media is a space I can reach a large number of people with a systematic “How To” guideline of how to perform the main compound exercises safely and effectively.


What does the future hold for you? 

It looks promising, busy, and I’m always ready for the life lessons along the way.

How did 1-grid assist you in furthering your side hustle? 

1-grid staff get free web hosting. I plan to use it once I finalise my online marketing strategy, thereafter I’ll design my website and add the elements needed such as my logo – online marketing specialist, Craig Fester, in his own time, gladly assisted me too.

How do you manage your time at 1-grid and Zero Mass Fitness? 

I only provide my services, respond to messages and calls after my 1-grid work is completed in the week and on the weekend I set aside time for my clients. The workload is challenging but I welcome it.

Othniel Masawe has also had to be agile in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown which meant he needed to do business differently now. Many small businesses have had to maneuver and come up with ways to operate from home and Othniel is no different, he now provides clients with video content and interacts with them predominantly on social media and phone calls. If the looming national recession and global Coronavirus pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that things can change in a heartbeat. And having multiple streams of income and being malleable to change is vital in these times. We hope Othniel’s story will motivate you to start. Start with what you have and start where you are now.