You have the idea and you need to make people aware of it. The business that you have worked hard to get off the ground needs an online presence. The key to a successful online marketing campaign is to determine how getting your business online fits in with your overall strategy. Do you have the time to do it yourself? Do you need someone to do it for you? What kind of budget and resources are you willing to allocate towards your online success? Let’s get you started with this quick guide. The aim is to determine which category you fall in.

I have the time, I’m feeling adventurous

Whichever route you take, you will require a unique name for your website. Your visitors and the world wide web will know you by your domain name. These days the options are endless in terms of domain extensions, the portion after the dot. From the very well known to a unique and trendy .africa or .guru. You should, in fact, have a combination of these domain names registered.

You can now add a website builder package to your domain. The website builder will allow you to put together your dream website without having any design coding experience. The package allows you to create sections in a few minutes. Have a look at some websites you love and get creative. Your dashboard gives you access to the resources you need to quickly design your own website.

Another avenue to explore is the traditional web hosting package which gives you access to various design tools and free resources to get your website going. This will take some YouTubing, but you can do it! With a hosting package, you get access to server space which is your website’s home. Use the tools at your disposal or create your website on your laptop and upload it to a server for the world to discover.

Let the pro’s handle it

This is the clean and simple option. At 1-grid our website design service is all-inclusive. Depending on the package you take you can even get sales leads! We handle the process start to finish. You will have access to a personal account manager, a copywriter to help you communicate your message clearly and a very creative website designer. Real people who interested in your success.

You are only a few steps away from online success.