Black Friday, a famous 1950’s North American tradition or if you want to be more specific, a shopaholics best friend, is now welcomed by South African retailers and shoppers. It has gained a favourable place for its positive impact on the local market. The phenomenon creates an exciting and overwhelming experience with Christmas just 29 days away. People appreciate the discounted deals promoted by big brands leading up to Black Friday because some, wont be able to afford it any other way.

To plan for a smoother shopping experience, here are five things you should before shopping Black Friday deals:


1. Make a Black Friday shopping list 

Curb your inner shopaholic. Plan to feel good about your Black Friday purchases and only get items you have added on your wishlist throughout the year. Think about getting a headstart on your Christmas shopping too. Making a list of items will allow you to identify the things you need from the things you want, saving you the time and effort of wandering around a store or browsing aimlessly on an online shopping site.


2. Stick to your budget on Black Friday

Once your Black Friday shopping list is finalised, cross-check prices from different retailers to get a good overview of your potential spend. Having a set budget will keep you out of Black Friday debt and in-check.


3. Scout the best places to shop on Black Friday

Look-out for retailers offering the best deals that pair up with your Black Friday shopping list. 


4. Is shopping online better than going in-store on Black Friday? 

It would depend on your desired channel of choice to shop. Some shoppers enjoy the physical rush of the in-store excitement while others may not have the patience to withstand long queues and prefer to buy online.


5. Scout for Fraudulent advertisements

While you are on the hunt for the best Black Friday deals online, you may come across deals that are too good to be true. Be alert for the possibility of potential scams before going ahead with any purchases.Always ask yourself, is it a reputable site? Does it have point-to-point encryption to secure your payment process?


Here are a five popular questions people are asking about Black Friday:
1. When is Black Friday in South Africa 2019? 
  • Black Friday falls on the 29th of November.
2. Will Takealot have a Black Friday?
  • Takealot has a five day Blue dot sale set to launch prior Black Friday.
3. Where can i find the best clothing and shoe deals on Black Friday?
  • Zando is running a Black Friday blackout.
  • Shelflife will be dropping sale items at a select time on Black Friday.
4. Where can I shop the best food deals on Black Friday?
  • Shoprite stores are offering discounted Black Friday deals on food items and electronics.
  • Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores are extending their trading hours on Black Friday, get discounted deals on grocery and household essentials.
5. What’s 1-grid doing for Black Friday?