Cyberattacks can be as dangerous to your business as natural disasters or pandemics. After the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and employees alike, have witnessed how important it is to be proactive rather than reactionary in times of crisis. Cyber resilience is part of being prepared for the unexpected and we have three tips that will ensure your business can have strong cyber resilience.

What is cyber resilience? 

Cyber resilience refers to your business’ ability to operate during a cyber crisis. Getting your business cyber resilience up to par means you can adequately prepare, respond and recover from cyberattacks that may take place.  

How do I build my business Cyber Resilience? 

In this COVID-19 era, cyberattacks, phishing, malware and ransomware have been rife, and businesses without thorough cybersecurity have suffered. Make sure your business has the bases covered with these three tips to build your cyber resilience:

Get full visibility of your entire organization 

A clear picture of what’s happening in your business will inform how you move in terms of preparing as well as responding to attacks. This is the most important aspect of getting your cyber resilience up to par. Have full knowledge of the following:

  • All the users;
  • Various devices
  • Plus, the applications that are connected to your environment

Practice good cyber hygiene 

Practising good cyber hygiene means that you have a full view of your entire organization and you prioritize web security, plus implore best practices when it comes to cyber hygiene. Here are a few factors to consider when speaking to cyber hygiene in your business:

  • Keeping operating systems updated
  • Having active firewalls
  • Ensuring all antivirus, malware and spam ware protection is properly installed
  • Having strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication
  • Teach your employees about cybersecurity, our malware detectors are good at spotting and removing malware from your website
  • Having private professional emails also helps in limiting the number of spam and phishing. Try our Pro Email solution.

 Plan your recovery and test out your plan

This is a crucial step in a good cyber resilience plan. Plan out your recovery and have regular drills to test out your plan. The plan needs to also restore any lost data and services during a cyberattack.

The ability to restore processes and resume business as quickly as possible will save your business a lot of money and will gain the trust of your customers. A business cyber resilience ultimate depends on how quickly you can detect a breach, implement a plan and resume operations.