The 22nd of April 2020 

We’re in day 27 of the Coronavirus national lockdown that will end on the 30th of April. After careful considering by our president and the country’s official Coronavirus advisories, a lockdown extension got announced on the 9th of April. 

The national lockdown is extended to the 30th of April 

The president announced on the 21st of April that there would be a scientifically guided gradual phasing out of the lockdown. Ramaphosa says we run the risk of a massive resurgence of the COVID-19 virus if we end the lockdown too soon or get back to business as usual too abruptly. 

Lockdown phase 2 rules:

  • Social distancing is still full effect 
  • The sale of cooked food is still prohibited 
  • The alcohol ban is still in full effect 
  • Purchase of cigarettes is still prohibited
  • Emergency workers can get their cars repaired 
  • You can call out a plumber or electrician if need be
  • Particular hardware and auto-parts businesses will be open for emergency supplies only 
  • Children may move between parents

R500 Billion injection into social and economic support

  • The president addressed the social and economic support plan available to South Africans during the lockdown, and these are the key points he made: 
  • Unemployed South Africans who do not receive any form of a social grant or UIF will get R350 a month grant for the next six months.
  • Child support grant will get an extra R300 in May and from June to October an additional R500 each month
  • Other grant beneficiaries will get an extra R250 a month for the next six months 
  • Food parcels will be distributed over the next two weeks 
  • The government will continue to provide support for SME’s by making an additional R2 billion available for assistance 
  • Businesses with a turnover of more than R100 million a year can apply directly to SARS on a case-by-case basis for deferrals of their tax payments
  • There won’t be penalties for late payments if you can show you were materially affected by the lockdown

If you haven’t registered your business for support yet read more about it here:


Keep this list of COVID-19 national lockdown emergency numbers handy:


For public enquiries:

Presidential Hotline: 17731

COVID-19 Specific enquiries:

NICD Hotline: 0800 0029 999

We’re at the halfway mark of the Coronavirus national lockdown and it’s been interesting to say the least. The South African government took clear and decisive action to combat the spread and it’s important that civilians still abide by the lockdown rules and not become lax. If everyone stays home, washes their hands and follows all the lockdown rules, we should be able to overcome this difficult time.

We’ve assembled all the Coronavirus updates and news that you need to know going into a new week and the second half of our national lockdown.

Data Prices Decrease

The country’s biggest network providers, Vodacom and Cell C, have lowered data prices. This is apt because South Africans are a mobile-saturated market and with the lockdown, people will definitely be spending more time on their devices. Plus, it’s a good initiative seeing that many South Africans’ income will be affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Other network providers will surely follow suit.

Decrease in Crime Rate

Business Insider reports that the murder rate decreased by a massive 70% during the national lockdown. Minister Bheki Cele has attributed the decreased crime rate to the liquor sale ban that will be in place for the duration of the lockdown. Doctors have also noted a dramatic decrease in trauma casualties.

Eskom Thrives During COVID-19 Lockdown

Some good news from Eskom for a change, the national power utility has seen a drastic drop in the nation’s power demand. Eskom announces that there is likely to be no loadshedding during the lockdown and they will use this time to perform much-needed maintenance and repairs.

Ramping up Screening and Testing

Health workers are set to go door-to-door to screen civilians for possible COVID-19 infections. The will screen and refer to hospitals, clinics or other medical facilities where the actual tests will be conducted.

Total Cases in South Africa (as of April 5th)

Total cases: 1655

  • 70 New cases
  • 45 Full recoveries (Confirmed Negative)
  • 11 Deaths

The breakdown per province of total infections is as follows:

  • GAUTENG 704
  • LIMPOPO 19

Add the National Department of Health’s official COVID-19 WhatsApp channel for up-to-date information on number of cases, recoveries, preventions, myths and all other frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus.

 WhatsApp number: +27 60 012 3456

Also, make note of all the lockdown emergency numbers that you need to know.