Yep, you left it too late, again. You swore high and low that you wouldn’t participate in this commercial madness. The vibe around your office and your social media channels, however, is undeniable. It’s Valentine’s Day 2020. I won’t be wearing red and white but it’s cool to take some time out and spread the love anyway. I’ve bounced around the office to gather some gift ideas. I enjoy giving and receiving gifts that can be used every day. Nice perfume, thumping headphones, keyboards and power banks. That’s what’s in the building so that’s what we’re going to dig into. The products I’ll showcase are available locally but at this late stage you’d need to leave your desk in order to get them on time for cupid’s birthday (I think). Let’s go.


The King by Dolce & Gabanna

This is a men’s fragrance from D&G and it comes from my personal stash. I’ve been hunting this one since last Christmas and was pleasantly surprised when my wife got it for me last week. From the featured image above you can see even the bottle makes a statement. The scent is unique and really makes a gentle impact. It’s light enough to wear to the office and after-hour events. It hasn’t changed the world of perfume but it’s refreshing.


Power Banks with a Wireless Charger

Powerbanks were all the rage a few years ago and with mobile device’s decreasing battery-life, who would not like to kitted out with a power bank that can charge a device wirelessly? Load-shedding will be around for a while so grab one of these for your one-and-only.  Have a look at this from Incredible Connection.


Keyboards that light up, obviously

Our Google Ads consultant, Ishrat, has a really mesmerising keyboard. The keys are chunky and they light up. It’s called the Cougar Vantar. That’s a cougar, for Valentine’s day. A few popular brands are making these keyboards. Here’s one from HP.


Make-up (only if you know her outside of WhatsApp)

Advice from our associate product manager Lauren, only buy make-up as a gift if you really know the lady well. I’d imagine this is a really technical mission so don’t just grab the eye-shadow from the local pharmacy.


I should also just tell you that you can get .sexy or .singles domain name. I have no idea what you would do with it though.