Starting your own business affords you independence and flexibility that working for someone else can’t give. It’s a massive risk with an even bigger payoff when you put in the effort and time. Setting your hours and working in the comfort of your home are some of the advantages of entrepreneurship. There are various obstacles that women face in the job market; the gender wage gap in South Africa, and hostile work environments that don’t favour women who choose to have families. Creating safe and ethical working environments for women is a big part of why women entrepreneurs should start businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how agility, multiple income streams and creativity can go a long way in times of a global crisis. The coronavirus also ushered in and normalized working from home for the majority of South Africans – working from home and making good money is more tangible than it ever has been. We have a few business ideas for women who have been contemplating starting a business during the lockdown and need some business ideas or inspiration.

Frequently asked questions by women who want to start their own business are:

  • Which business is best for a housewife?
  • What business can I start at home?
  • What are the most profitable businesses to start?
  • What is the best business for a woman to start?

We have a few business ideas below that will hopefully answer your questions and inspire your business venture.

Freelance content creator or writer 

Freelance content writing or copywriting means creating content for companies on a freelance basis. It’s perfect for people who are masterful with words, and you can do it from home as a side hustle or full-time job. Start by creating a portfolio of your work and register on a freelance site.

Here are a few freelance platforms to register on to book your first paying content writer gig:

  • Upwork
  • Freelance Cape Town
  • No Sweat

Online teaching or tutoring 

Online learning is the future, especially in these unparalleled Coronavirus times; the world is shifting and finding online options to things like work and school. COVID-19 has forced schools to close, and with the gradual opening of various grades, parents reserve the right to keep their children at home and opt to homeschool for the remainder of the pandemic. The COVID-19 lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to tutor children online for a fee.

Find your tutoring field by assessing what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. Register on the following online tutoring portals to find clients:

  • Tutor Me
  • TutorReal Guru
  • Teach Learning

Start a food business

If you’re a culinary inclined queen, consider starting a prepared food business. People want hearty and homemade food, especially in winter, and you can fill that gap. All you need to do is decide on your speciality and define your target market.

If you have a knack for cooking or baking, you’ll enjoy starting and growing your business. Make sure you do your research because permits and licensing govern the food industry.

Start an online business 

Our online store website builder allows you to:

  • Build your store in under 10 minutes
  • Safely accept various payment methods
  • Beautifully display your products and specs
  • Get orders delivered straight to your mailbox

You can sell anything from the comfort of your home and make money.


If you don’t already have a blog, register your domain, get web hosting and start blogging. We detailed all the ways to monetize your blog in a previous post and make money from blogging. Here are few monetization tips to get started:

  • Start a blog
  • Become an affiliate
  • Join Google AdSense
  • Sell sponsored content
  • Freelance

Affiliate marketing 

If you have a website already, consider making money from it by being an affiliate. Most online companies have affiliate programs; all you do is market products or services for a company and earn an agreed-upon portion of the sales. Check out our affiliate program as a starting point.  

Childcare business

If you have the disposition for caring for children, consider starting a childcare business. You can start small by looking after one child and gradually grow your business if that’s what you want to do. It’s perfect for someone who already has a child because it allows you to be with your child while making money. This business is also ideal during the lockdown because many parents have had to venture back to the office, while schools and daycare facilities remain closed for the most part. You can make money during the lockdown by helping other parents look after their children.

Web designer

Web designers are responsible for the visual customer-facing elements of a website. If you’re creative with a keen interest in user experience, consider starting a web design business. If you have an eye for design and are willing to put in the work to become a web designer, read this article about web designing as a career:

Graphic designer 

Graphic designers are visual communicators; they design and create visual concepts to convey messages. Graphic design is a great career path for creatives who want to enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and making as much money as they want.


If you enjoy and are good at capturing images, consider becoming a photographer. Create a digital portfolio of your work and advertise your work on social media platforms./

Your starting point when deciding what business to venture into should be your natural interests and talent. First determine your strengths and that will help you choose the right industry for you.