If you have entrepreneurial ambitions but haven’t quite found the right avenue yet – you’ve clicked on the right place. Starting your own business is more accessible with the rise of the internet and online shopping in South Africa. All you need to start a business is an active internet connection and a computer.   

If you’re still struggling with pinpointing the right business venture for you to embark on, we’re here to give you some suggestions of businesses that you can start right now in the comfort of your home. Plus, these ideas require minimal initial capital.


Freelance Writing: 

If you’re good with words and have an excellent command of English or other languages that are in demand, then consider being a freelance writer. Register on Freelance platforms like UpWork and NoSweat to start booking freelance gigs.

A cohesive portfolio is essential to illustrate your skills and if you don’t have previous work as a writer, start writing so you can have samples of your work ready for prospective clients.


Social Media Specialist:

Social media can be a lucrative career if you’re creative, are an excellent communicator and pay attention to detail.

What do you need to be a social media specialist? 

The most fundamental skills you need to hone as a Social Media Specialist are:

  • Be on the cusp of new trends
  • Community management
  • Visual communication
  • Understanding SEO
  • Have an analytical mind
  • Good time-management skills


Web Designer 

Web designers are responsible for the visual customer-facing elements of websites. They bring the style, branding and visual aspects to life.

What skills do I need to be a website designer? 

  • An eye for design, fluency in colour theories and on-page design elements
  • Be brand-oriented: an innate understanding of branding and brand messaging
  • Understand the user journey and responsive design


Online Tutoring

The global pandemic has ushered in a culture of online or distant learning; students are attending online classes and people, in general, are interested in upskilling themselves through online learning. Research your existing skillset and leverage your expertise to provide online sessions for children or adults.

Research online learning platforms and register your services to start booking classes.  


Sell A Product 

The foundation of entrepreneurship is selling a product, and that product can range from services to a physical object. Find something that you’re passionate about – be it candle making or wigs, makeup artistry, or essential oils, there are a lot of ways to monetize your existing hobbies.

Having a passion for something makes embarking on a business effortless because it’s a subject matter that you will know and study without it feeling like a job.


Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate program loosely means the affiliate (you) markets a brand on their website or social media platforms, and you receive a specified portion of the money that your affiliate link generates. You get a unique affiliate link or code, and you tell your audience about it, and when they use the link or code, you get a cut. The rules differ for various industries or websites, and it’s crucial for you to firstly, find brands that align with your blog or social media content. Plus, read the contract and make sure you understand the terms of the agreement.

Click the link below to check out the 1-grid affiliate program:



Start A Catering Service 

There is a lot of money to be made with catering services. Start by finding your catering niche; this is a rewarding business if you already have a knack for cooking or baking. Then create a business website that showcases all your services and work on finding your first customer.


Start A Podcast 

Podcasting is on the rise in South Africa, be one of the early adopters and start your podcast today. Find a concept or a niche; this can be any subject that you are passionate about from sports to crime, business or pop culture. Get the apps that will allow you to record and edit your podcast. And, just start recording. The best way to start is to have an outline of what you’re going to be talking about; a guide will help you stay on track. Leverage your family and friends to listen, like and share your podcast.


Become A YouTuber 

YouTube needs consistency and patience before you start making money and most South African YouTubers don’t even make money on the monetization of their videos, they grow their social media following and make money from partnerships and affiliate programs.

The point of departure when starting a YouTube channel is to consider your hobbies and let those guide you in choosing your niche.

Click the links below for cohesive guides in starting your own YouTube channel and growing your channel:





Blogging is a great creative outlet, and it can be a lucrative stream of income. You can make money freelancing, earn social capital and get passive income from your blog. Blogging allows you to work flexible hours; all you need is a reliable internet connection and your computer.  

Click the link below to get a detailed guide on how to make money from blogging:



Airbnb Hosting 

If you have a beautiful space and a spare room, then consider hosting as a viable option. You’re already paying the rent or bond, why not make some extra cash on the side. Airbnb makes the sign-up process so easy.

Click the link to get a detailed guide for becoming a host: