We’re halfway through the nationwide attempt to flatten the curve, and most of us have acclimated to being in lockdown. The Coronavirus pandemic has us working from homesocial distancing and trying to find new ways to spend all this newly found free time. As important as it is to establish a lockdown routine, doing new things and finding creative outlets is as essential. 

How about creating your website? 

If you’ve always wanted to start your own business, now is the most suitable time to start. If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that all companies need an online presence. Plus, starting a business online has never been easier than it is today with 1-grid. We have comprehensive services and support to get your business online. If you don’t necessarily want to start a business, consider having an online resume or online portfolio of work. 

Having your online portfolio gives you the freedom to present your work the way you want to, plus it gives you credibility. 

Where do you start? 

Start with registering a domain. A domain is an address that people will type into a browser to get to your website. Type your domain name into our domain search bar and add your desired website address to your cart. Select a web hosting package, and you’re almost there. Choose a Web Builder package that will suit your business needs; the packages start from R109 a month. 

Start building your website.

Our web builder does not require any templates or web design knowledge, with the drag and drop mechanism, you can build your website in 10 minutes. 

Follow this comprehensive tutorial and your website will be live at the end of it:



Now that you have a website, you can browse our other product offerings like company registration in South Africa. Your new business can get perks that only registered enterprises get. Plus, have a look at our Web Security section to find the SSL certification that will suit your website. Securing your website is vital for e-commerce businesses to protect your customer’s sensitive information. 

Whether you’re starting an e-Commerce business for a lucrative side hustle or a portfolio, or a blog just for fun, we have all the tools you need to get online.