Day one of lockdown and we’re all acclimatizing to working from home and social distancing. One of the biggest challenges of the coming three weeks will be developing good habits to heighten productivity when working from home. Working from can be challenging because there can be a lot of distractions that can hinder productivity. Another challenge will be how teams can maintain a collaborative culture while working independently from home. Working from home doesn’t change the fact you still have to maintain a collaborative and feedback-driven environment.  

Collaborative tools are going to be the thing that keeps the workflow smooth and foster collaboration. We’ll be discussing the best collaborative tools that the staff here at 1-grid are using to stay operational during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

  1. is the perfect app for processes, workflows and projects. You can create team boards to manage and track progress on projects. Assign tasks to team members, comment on specific projects, attach documents and track productivity. Plus you can create personal boards for breaking down big projects into bite-size pieces and to-do lists.

  • Product roadmaps
  • Progress tracking
  • iOS + Android apps
  • Transparency
  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool for teams working remotely or in an office space. It’s more than instant messaging because you can video or voice call into meetings and store files. It gives you the feeling of being at work when working from home or remotely.

  • Video capabilities
  • Chat capabilities
  • Channels
  • File search back-up and collaboration
  • iOS + Android apps
  1. 1-grid Pro Email

Our Pro Email solution is perfect for your business because it has all the tools your business needs to operate when working at home without compromising security. Team members get customized email addresses with no ads as well as assured confidentiality. Our business email has chat, calendar and video capabilities.

  • Secure and personalized business email
  • Calendar capabilities
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Group chat capabilities

Working from home and maintaining a high level of productivity will be one of the legacies that the Covid-19 pandemic will leave on businesses. Making the most of your time working from home is one of the ways to Coronavirus-proof your business and these tools will make it a breeze.