My first podcast experience started way back when a colleague and close friend shared the Serial podcast with me. The riveting true-crime podcast was the first time I thoroughly enjoyed and got invested in a podcast. I have since found several podcasts that I enjoy listening to. Podcasts are a great way to explore your interests as well as learn something new.

There has been a surge in podcasts over the past few years – you can find an abundance of podcasts in various topics; from popular culture commentary to music critics, as well as educational business podcasts. We’re sharing the top 5 podcasts that you need to subscribe to if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner. These podcasts will keep you updated with the latest business news, stocks, business strategies and more.

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

This podcast is geared to blogging strategies and tips, marketing strategies and the blueprint to accumulating passive income. This podcast is a must for individuals with a keen interest in online marketing.

This Week in Startups – Audio

For those in the tech industry or are just keen on keeping up with the latest on tech companies, gadgets and tech innovation. This podcast hosted by Jason Calacanis accompanied by expert guests will give you tips to start your own company, motivate your team, and give you the latest news on tech startups.

Being Boss

Women entrepreneurs encounter obstacles that are unique to women in business, and this podcast gets that. The podcast is geared to business owners, freelancers, or are trying to venture out as your own boss. Being Boss covers topics that are not unique but are more prevalent in women entrepreneurs like; boundaries, habits, marketing, and branding.

Girlboss Radio 

Girlboss features trailblazing Girl Bosses and speaks to what it takes to build a strong brand and growing a business with longevity. Hosted by the original girl boss Sophia Amoruso – founder of global clothing brand Nasty Gal – the podcast is for women who live life on their own terms and the curveballs that entrepreneurship can throw at women entrepreneurs.

Recession-Proof Startups – Mixergy

This podcast deals with real-life challenges that startups encounter like recession and the COVID-19 epidemic to name a few. If you’re in business, you need to follow this podcast to get useful tips for marketing, disaster management and how to keep your business afloat in the face of hurdles.