Most of the devices and programs we buy come with a mysterious booklet with the words “USER MANUAL” on the front – The upgraded 1-grid Knowledge base has a similar role to play in acting as a ‘user manual’ for our customers.


“What could possibly be written in this important-looking volume?” we all wonder, before invariably throwing it away or putting it unopened into a drawer with dozens of others just like it, never to be seen again.


Weeks, months, or even years later, we sit with the device in question before us after hours of trying to solve a problem, red-faced and just about ready to throw it out of the window.


“If only there was a way to get clear instructions on how to use this thing!” we cry in frustration.


Documentation is your friend. As any developer will tell you, the answer to almost every technical problem can be summed up in three words: Read The Manual (or RTM for short).


A good manual, which is just a collection of relevant documentation for a specific device or program, outlines every aspect of its technical operation, from quick-start guides to troubleshooting complex problems. Documentation of this nature can also include how-to guides, learning-oriented tutorials, technical information and diagrams, FAQ sections, and other reference material to help you find answers to your questions.


While a lot of documentation may seem technically challenging and difficult to understand, when properly organized and easily accessible, it can be a friendly and essential guide that helps you to take the lead in finding solutions. This is how developers use documentation on a daily basis to solve technical challenges.


Fortunately, with the 1-grid knowledge base, you don’t have to be a developer to understand and make use of our documentation. Our newly updated Knowledge Base has been reorganized to make it easier than ever to find the answers you’re looking for.


Here’s a quick snapshot of what changed on the 1-grid knowledge base home page:


Here’s a before and after photo of the 1-grid knowledgebase home page


We’ve put all our helpful documentation into logical categories and made it simple to search for specific questions. Most of our solutions are given in the form of simple step-by-step instructions, with screenshots included, making it easy for anyone to follow the necessary steps.

Here are three examples of knowledge base articles that include well guided steps to follow:

  1. Business registrations: What is the process?
  2. How to upload files to WeTransfer
  3. 1-grid APP: How to pay my invoices?


As you can see, we’ve designed the 1-grid Knowledge Base to give you the power of a developer, enabling you to solve problems yourself as soon as you encounter them. And you might even learn a few things along the way!


Of course, if you don’t find an easy solution, our friendly and responsive support team is just a few clicks away.