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Is South Africa Headed For A COVID-19 Second Wave? 

The reported surge in COVID-19 cases in South Africa over the past two weeks, has many ministers and civilians alike, concerned about the emergence of a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. With countries like Italy announcing new restrictions as they undergo a second wave Coronavirus spread, it looks like South Africa may go the same route.

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5 Tips for an Amazing Staycation In 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have taken a tremendous toll on everyone, and with summer 2020 on the horizon, everyone deserves a vacation. Coronavirus has impacted the economy as well as household incomes immensely, and many people cannot afford international travel. Plus, a lot of people aren’t comfortable leaving the country as of yet. Consider going on a staycation.

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Website Builder Comparison: The Battle Of E-Commerce Website Builder

DIY Website Builders are fast becoming the quintessential small business tool. The COVID-19 pandemic displayed how crucial an online presence is to stay at the forefront of customers minds and to reach new demographics. The internet makes entrepreneurship accessible because all you need to start your business is an active internet connection and a website. A DIY website builder is a preferred method for small business owners because:

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The Government Wants To Collect TV Licence Fees From Netflix Subscribers 

The SABC (South African Broadcasting Commission) in light of continued financial mismanagement has proposed a change to the structure of TV licences in South Africa. The national broadcaster presented key regulatory changes to parliament on the 20th of October. The regulatory changes are intended to keep the SABC viable in the ever-changing South African media environment.

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Pick n Pay Acquires Bottles 

Retail giant Pick n Pay announced that they had acquired South Africa’s first alcohol delivery app Bottles. The acquisition comes at the heels of Pick n Pay partnering with Bottles throughout the COVID-19 lockdown to offer same-day delivery of groceries and other lockdown essentials. According to Pick n Pay CEO Richard Brasher, the acquisition will be complete by November.

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