Are you using your banking app to its full capacity? Banking apps are convenient and feature endless capabilities that you may not even know existed. Financial institutions, similar to many other organizations, are investing a lot of resources into rendering contactless services. Companies are using technology to streamline operations, and banking apps are primarily to cut down the number of people at the physical bank and move to a predominantly self-service model. Also, in the COVID-19 social distancing era, using your app instead of going to the physical bank is the sensible thing to do.

We’re looking at South Africa’s top banking apps and comparing the unique specs to see which one is the most user-friendly and delivers the most convenience.

Institution Specs Apple App Store Rating Google Play Store Rating

Multi-user access

Resend payment notification on demand

ABSA rewards

Increase or decrease banking limits

Fingerprint ID

Does no require data

Free – no subscription fees


Download stamped statements


4,7/5 4,6/5

Sync with Android Smartwatch or  Apple watch

Scan and renew license disks

Fingerprint ID


Locate ATM’s

Forex transactions

Buy prepaid

Manage cards


3,0/5 3,9/5

Built-in business locator

Trading platform to observe the markets

Allows for eBills and SARS filing

Scan to pay

Manage your cards


4.2/5 4,5/5
Standard Bank

Pay international beneficiaries

Built-in calculator and insurance facilities

Monitor investments

Get stamped statements


4,7/5 4,6/5

SARS eFiling

Built-in budget planner

Provides for future and recurring payments


3,9/5 3,6/5


The Standard Bank and ABSA app have the highest ratings and similar to the 1-grid app, all the institutions emphasize that they always are working to improve their mobile apps. If you aren’t familiar with your banking app, consider making an effort to get to know it; it’s cheaper to transact on the apps, plus it saves you a whole lot of time as opposed to standing in queues at the bank.