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How would you like to get online?

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Option 1 Start with a DIY Website Builder

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Build Your Own
Website First

With our DIY Website Builder you can have your business online in under 10 minutes. Choose from multiple mobile-responsive templates. Drag, drop, and click ‘publish’.

You can add email accounts during your purchase.

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Option 2 Start with a Business Email Address

Get a Professional Email Address First

With our Business Email products you can have personalised email addresses at the domain name of your choice.

You can add a DIY Website Builder afterwards.

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Option 3 Start with a Web Hosting Plan

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Get your WWW online with Web Hosting

If you are planning to take on the challenge of building your own website without the help of our DIY Website Builder then you will need website storage space.

Get yours from only R99/month. No Hidden Fees.