Your Online Marketing Playbook

The Sidehustler’s Edition 2019

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Snippets from the Online Marketing Guide

Here’s an overview of what you could learn.

Target Audience

Determine who you are building a website for? Know who you are building for keeps your strategy aligned. Only sell and publish for your target audience.



Make a sketch of your website. Don’t add any images or complex elements. Have a picture in your mind and on paper of what your site will look like. It will be easier to design your site from here.

Build a complete website

Build your website with all the pages and elements according to your research and wireframe. Add every page and make sure your links are fully functional. 

Go Live

Publish the website address on all your social channels. Email it to your existing customer base. Add the website to local directories. All of these are necessary to make your website address known. 


Keyword Research

You have to know what your audience is searching for on Google. Gain insight into terminology and industry jargon. Don’t make assumptions.

Web Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted on a reliable server. Web hosting will offer storage space for your website. Choose a hosting company with servers located close to your customer base.

Review and Test

Are you able to get to the conversion goals? Do the forms work? Are the pages loading quick enough? Remember to ensure that the website is responsive. 

Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of building your website and each of its pages in a way that is attractive and acceptable to Google and other major search engines.

Website Flow

Start with the end in mind. Map out the journey your website visitors will take to reach the conversion goal. You need a clear path. 

Website Design Tools

DIY Website Builders offer you the most flexibility without the very high costs. These also include web hosting, free images, and free domain names. Using a professional designer is also good. 

Social Media

Social media is free and easy to setup but it’s also very easy to ignore. You must be consistent in posting to these channels. You will only gain followers if you interact. 

Paid Online Marketing

This is where most of your bigger competitors are winning leads. Think about all the paid or sponsored advertising you come across every time you go online.

About the author

Craig Fester shares insights from a online marketing and sidehustling perspective. With over 15 years experience he works as Online Marketing Specialist in the areas of SEO, Website Management, Small Business Coaching and Online Strategy Development.


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